Hugh Jackman Will Have A Hand In Picking The Next Wolverine

As we explained yesterday, the future of X-Men is somewhat uncertain at the moment. However, if anyone knows what’s coming next, it’s Simon Kinberg, writer and/or producer of Logan and the last four X-Men movies. Speaking to Deadline, he explained that the future of Wolverine has yet to be determined, but the role could definitely be re-cast. “We haven’t even thought of the next iteration of Wolverine,” he explained. “For all of us, we were keeping our fingers crossed that the audiences would respond to Logan the way they have. I can’t visualize in my head another Wolverine, but if that day ever comes, we would talk to Hugh about it.”

As for the future of the X-Men franchise as a whole and the potential for merging various timelines and characters, Kinberg recognizes that there are some exciting possibilities. “I talk to the studio all the time about this and there is a plan for how these movies can connect and be a part of a larger narrative,” he said. “It’s something that’s fun, exciting, and it will be interesting to see how we marry the different tones that we’ve been generating in these standalone movies of the X-Men universe. But we go into making the best movie we can. It’s not just about a Colossus or Deadpool cameo. Connecting all of these movies will happen when it organically makes sense. These movies aren’t simply being built as stepping-stones to a larger story. Each one is wholly enclosed and a movie worth seeing.”

Speaking of wholly enclosed movies worth seeing, Logan is in theatres now. Check out the trailer below: