Hugh Jackman Has Some Advice For The Next Wolverine

As we explained last week, Hugh Jackman is being completely unequivocal about his future as Wolverine. In short, there is no future. During the final days before the release of Logan, Jackman is sticking with his story, insisting that he’s completely finished with the role. According to the actor, he wasn’t completely committed to this decision until he saw Logan, a fact that bodes well for the quality of this film. “Even though I had a good feeling, you never know until you see the final product if it’s something you know you can sleep with for the rest of your life,” he told BBC, adding that he’s definitely ready for a good, long break. “I’m going home—it’s been a great party, thank you. I’m putting my pajamas on and going to bed.”

Asked to offer some advice for the next Wolverine, Jackman recalled that he was a replacement himself. “I remember running into Dougray Scott, who originally had this role, but couldn’t do it because he was on another film that ran over (Mission: Impossible II), so I got the role,” he said. “I met him and thought this is going to be awkward, but he said, ‘Logan is going to be one of the best roles you’ll ever have, so go crush it.’ I thought it was so simple and classy, so I’ll say the same thing—but don’t crush it too much.”

Can’t wait to see Jackman’s last stand as Wolverine? Good news: you don’t have to wait long—Logan arrives in theatres later today. Before you head for the theatre, be sure to check out the trailer below.