How Much Would Jurassic Park Really Cost?



Simply creating new dinosaurs is impossible enough, but that wasn’t the only challenge facing Jurassic Park’s John Hammond (Richard Attenborough). He also had to come up with enormous sums of money to build his dream park.

While Jurassic Park never bothers to specify the exact cost of opening and maintaining the title facility, Fandango has spent some time running the numbers. Based on their calculations, the park in the franchise’s first installment would cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $23 billion. (Fortunately, Hammond was a billionaire with cash to burn.) By comparison, the more cutting edge facility in Jurassic World was constructed for a relatively affordable $150-200 million.

Not sure those numbers add up? To explain the math, Fandango cut together a video, summarizing the park’s core expenses. Based on modern land value in Costa Rica, the park’s 66 square miles of real estate would cost roughly $10 billion. Additional expenses include research and development ($25.4 million), dinosaur livelihood ($207 million), park construction ($1.5 billion), and the most crushing expense of all: park operations ($11.7 billion per year). In other words, this very cool, movie-worthy theme park may not have been a wise (or safe) investment.