These Horror Movie Posters Are Striking In Their Simplicity

Hailing from Spain, graphic artist Javier Vera Lainez recently shared some very nifty minimalist horror movie posters based on each film’s most iconic object—which is more often than not a deadly weapon. Ranging from old-school staples to newer film’s that don’t necessarily quality as full-fledged horror, any person with even a remote interest in the macabre will want one of these bad boys hanging on their wall. Alas, clicking on the Shop button on Lainez’s site takes you to a page that simply reads “Please check back soon.”

If for some reason horror isn’t your thing, Lainez has also made countless killer posters for such genre-friendly classics as Ghostbusters and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, recent big and small screen hits The Dark Knight Rises and True Detective, and friendlier fare like Disney’s The Lion King and Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.

Take a look at all his impressive stuff here, and check out these horror highlights below. Kudos to One Perfect Shot and Bloody Disgusting for the heads up.





The Shining

the shining_o


psycho FINAL_o

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


The Exorcist 

el exorcista_1

Hellboy (ooh, colour)

hellboy FINAL