13 Horror Blu-rays That Will Add Fright To Your Halloween Night

The overall popularity of Blu-ray and DVD has dipped in recent years, but horror fans continue to be reliably voracious in their consumption of these formats. As a result, there’s never a shortage of scary new releases, particularly in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Fans of modern indie horror can keep busy this weekend with recent releases like The Babadook, Backcountry, The Editor, The Harvest, It Follows, We Are Still Here, or What We Do in the Shadows, but we suggest you also take some time for these brand-new HD revivals.


After the Twilight Time limited edition sold out, Christine became the only vintage John Carpenter film (not including TV movies Someone’s Watching Me! and Elvis) unavailable on Blu-ray. Not only has Sony corrected that, but Twilight Time has simultaneously resurrected the director’s 1998 mixed bag, Vampires.

The People Under the Stairs

Still struggling to get over the death of horror master Wes Craven? Scream Factory makes it a little bit easier with new special editions of mid-career oddity Shocker and the director’s more successful follow-up, The People Under the Stairs.

Eaten Alive

Fresh off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, director Tobe Hooper teamed-up with a pre-Freddy Robert Englund for this grungy, unsettling alligator movie that combines elements of two horror staples: Psycho and Jaws.

The Brood

Following last year’s release of Scanners, another early David Cronenberg gem gets the Criterion Collection treatment. Fans of the label should also consider Japanese fright essential Kwaidan and Brian De Palma’s trashy horror-ish classic, Dressed to Kill.

Crystal Lake Memories

With Friday the 13th coming up in two weeks, some horror fans are probably planning a return to Crystal Lake. Get yourself in the mood with this outrageously long (400 minutes) look back at the making of all 12 entries in the Jason Voorhees saga.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

You may already own this Francis Ford Coppola favourite on Blu-ray, but Sony has released a new “Supreme Cinema Series” edition that allows you to sink your teeth into 49 minutes of new featurettes, a new commentary, and a sparkling new transfer.

Count Yorga, Vampire

Part of a short-lived wave of movies about old school vamps in swingin’ ’70s California (Blacula followed a few years later), Count Yorga, Vampire and its sequel The Return of Count Yorga have both been brought back from the dead with new HD upgrades.

10 to Midnight

This notorious Cannon Films oddity was marketed as a generic Charles Bronson action movie, but it’s also a bizarre slasher film that plays like a hybrid of Death Wish and American Psycho. The best kind of guilty pleasure, 10 to Midnight features an exhibitionist killer—who insists on stripping before every attack.


The mother of all giant insect movies, Them! has been released as part of a four-film set with The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Mighty Joe Young, and The Son of Kong. But if it’s insects that really make your skin crawl, we suggest a double bill with another new release: Saul Bass’s psychedelic ant attack movie, Phase IV.

A Bucket of Blood

To lighten the mood, try this short (66 minutes) and sweet House of Wax rip-off that features the ultimate partnership of Roger Corman and two of his most prized collaborators: writer Charles B. Griffith and actor Dick Miller. Just a few months later, this trio continued their collaboration with The Little Shop of Horrors.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Love it or hate it, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a Halloween staple—and Fox’s new reissue allows you to celebrate its 40th anniversary in style.

Army of Darkness

Director Sam Raimi doesn’t consider Army of Darkness or its predecessor (Evil Dead 2) horror films, but with Ash vs. Evil Dead debuting on Halloween night, you’ll want to get your hands on this stellar special edition. In addition to three versions of the film, you get a 97-minute making-of… and much more.

Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight

If you’re a fan of Tales From the Crypt, Demon Knight should deliver everything you’re looking for. Released simultaneously on Blu-ray, Bordello of Blood is a far less worthwhile entry in this series, but the extras on this disc offer an abundance of one thing we can never get enough of: Dennis Miller bashing.