Explore The Post-Post-Apocalyptic World In Horizon Zero Dawn

Playing post-apocalyptic games in the dead of winter might seem a bit grim, but the “post-post-apocalypse” in Horizon Zero Dawn is surprisingly lush. The whole idea of machines inhabiting this world as animals makes the game familiar but alien at the same time. Players take on the role of Aloy who embarks on a quest after corrupted machines attack her village.

The strategy for survival in this world is one of trial and error. Finding the right way to take down the various machines you encounter requires experimentation. Bow and arrows, trip wires, explosives and melee combat are just some of the ways to take your enemies down.

Aloy’s focus scan will assist in figuring out what tactics will work, but mistakes can be costly and are easily made. Looting corpses after a battle will give you resources for crafting which will also be vital in Aloy’s travels.

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games stepped out of their comfort zone to bring this game to life. The change from first-person-shooters to a new action role-playing game comes with an entirely new game engine called Decima. Famed developer Hideo Kojima was so impressed with engine’s capabilities that in using the space race as a metaphor for game development, Kojima announced that Decima will be the engine on his upcoming game Death Stranding.

With a killer game engine and a very fresh concept, Guerrilla Games plans to give the player something new when Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28.