Home Alone Gets A Bloody Makeover

It’s January, which means Home Alone season is over for another year. Love it or hate it, this modern holiday classic is an unusual blend of warm-hearted, festive cheer and brutal violence. When Home Alone hit theatres back in 1990, many parents took issue with the latter, but their kids processed the film’s crime-riddled hijinks in the more cartoonish spirit that they were intended. However, a new group of videos have amended some key moments in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to give us a better sense of the brutality that so many parents detected in the first place.

Consistently bloodless (if not bruise-less), the violence in these movies never takes much of a human toll. Sure, Harry and Marv hop around after each new injury, grunting out PG obscenities—heck, they even lose consciousness from time to time—but their wacky essence always returns. However, the new videos created by Canadian YouTuber BitMassive show us what would happen if Home Alone’s violence took the physical toll that similar incidents usually take in real life. We also get a chance to see a more credibly evil take on Old Man Marley:

If Home Alone ended that way, we might never have seen a sequel, but in a world of bloody Home Alone movies, that sequel might look something like this: