“High Sparrow”: How This Week’s Game of Thrones Differs From the Books

No need to worry about Game of Thrones readers spoiling crucial plot twists at this point, show writers have robbed them of the privilege.

Sansa’s back in Winterfell, and, thanks to Queen Margaery, King Tommen is officially a man by Westeros standards. Here’s a breakdown of how things went down in “High Sparrow” versus how things played out in the books.

When a King Becomes a Man


How it went down on the show: Margaery didn’t waste any time consummating her marriage to King Tommen, and the young King had zero complaints about it. Following the consummation, Margaery continued to move quickly, beginning her master manipulation and plan to rid King’s Landing of Queen Mother Cersei.

How it went down in the books: Despite author George R.R. Martin’s tendency to push the boundaries when it comes to sexual encounters in the realm of Westeros, Margaery and Tommen held off on consummating their marriage due to the boy King being nine years old at the time of the wedding. It’s ok to have sex with your sibling in Westeros, but minor’s are icky.

Ramsay Bolton’s Betrothed


How it went down on the show: Littlefinger convinces Sansa to return to Winterfell to wed Ramsay Bolton because this will offer opportunity to avenge her family, while he benefits from forming a new alliance with Roose Bolton.

How it went down in the books: Sansa was never promised to Ramsay Bolton. Instead, Ramsay believes he’s to wed Arya Stark when in truth Littlefinger has disguised Sansa’s childhood friend, Jeyne Poole, as the young Stark girl. Since no one has seen or heard from Arya, Littlefinger assumes she’s either dead or has taken another name, leaving no threat of his scheme being exposed.

Tyrion, a Whore and the Bear


How it went down on the show: Tyrion and Varys stop in Volantis for a drink. After watching a Lord of Light worshiper preaching to the people, Tyrion takes Varys to a brothel. At the brothel, he meets a whore, but after having a conversation with her decides he can’t sleep with her. Tyrion steps out to relieve himself of the ale and, surprise, he’s been followed by Jorah Mormont. The Bear takes him captive and reveals his plans to take Tyrion to the Queen, but doesn’t say which Queen.

How it went down in the books: Tyrion wasn’t with Vary at this point in the book, but he did stop at a brothel on his way to meet the Dragon Queen. True to his character, Tyrion got drunk, had sex with the whore, and caused a scene in the middle of the brothel. This caught the attention of Jorah Mormont— who at the time had a Daenerys lookalike in his lap, because he’s obviously not over her—and in front of everyone, the Bear took the Imp hostage and threatened anyone who tried to stop him.

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