Here’s Your First Look At Nicholas D’Agosto As Two-Face On ‘Gotham’


Think of a Batman villain. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Got it? Cool. That villain is already on or will be appearing some day on “Gotham.” How do we know? Because all of the villains are on “Gotham” — if not now, then eventually.

Case in point: Harvey Dent, the dapper district attorney who suffers a psychotic break and physical disfigurement to become the treacherous Two-Face, is coming to “Gotham” later this season. But you wouldn’t recognize Dent as the snarling, coin-flipping killer based on your first look at actor Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays the character on “Gotham,” on the latest episode of DC Entertainment’s All Access series:

It’s basically just D’Agosto in a fine-pressed suit, being his usual optimistic, bubbly self. (If you’re unfamiliar with his work, seek him out on “Masters of Sex,” “Final Destination 5,” or even as high-flying superhero West Rosen on season two of “Heroes.”) And that’s basically Dent, as far as who he is when he first appears on “Gotham.”

“I instantly come in and get to walk in as the Harvey Dent who is the white knight,” says D’Agosto. “The guy who is trying to do the right thing. What’s exciting about it is they’re pulling in from a lot of different story lines from different Batman iterations. How they want to use me exactly is up in the air.”

To that point, D’Agosto says he doesn’t even need to look at other “Batman” stories to figure out how he’s going to play Harvey Dent’s dark side.

“For better or worse, I have the capacity to be an angry, jealous person, just like anybody else does,” he admits. “Maybe friends or family bring it out in us.”

Look out for D’Agosto on “Gotham” as the FOX series continues its first season.