Here’s Why You Should Be Watching Killing Eve

Even though it hasn’t come out in Canada yet (that’ll change as of this Sunday, when the show premieres at 9e 6p on Bravo), British TV thriller Killing Eve has already received heaps of critical acclaim, fan-generated buzz, and even awards nominations.

Starring the Ottawa-born Sandra Oh and Liverpoolian Jodie Comer, Killing Eve follows Eve Polastri, an MI5 officer (Oh) as she attempts to track down a vicious Russian assassin named Villanelle. We don’t want to give too much away—but if the premise alone doesn’t intrigue you, keep reading to find out why you should give Killing Eve a try.


1. The Cast


You may or may not have seen Grey’s Anatomy, but trust us when we say that Oh was far and away the best part of the series. North American audiences probably aren’t as familiar with Comer, a born and bred Brit, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t killing it (pun intended) as Chloe in My Mad Fat Diary and as Kate in BBC’s Doctor Foster. Throw in a couple of stellar supporting performances from Harry Potter’s Fiona Shaw and The Bridge’s Kim Bodnia and you’ve got yourself a television force to be reckoned with.


2. The Characters


How often do you get to watch a young, stereotypically feminine, innocent-looking woman ruthlessly murder people on television? Ok, Game of Thrones might be the one exception—but other than that, virtually zero other shows or characters come to mind. Eve and Villanelle are both interesting and darkly complex for very different reasons, and while complicated and flawed female TV characters are (fortunately) becoming increasingly common, it’s still refreshing to see two strong-minded, intelligent women go head to head.


3. The Story


Eve and Villanelle should be mortal enemies and yet they’re strangely drawn to one another, resulting in a fascinating game of cat and mouse. In many ways Killing Eve is a traditional spy drama. But it’s a traditional spy drama told from a distinctly female perspective, which means you don’t often see certain twists and turns coming even when you should. And in this show, femininity equals power—power that can (and does) get used in the pursuit of good and evil.


4. The Creator


You may know her as the mastermind behind British dramedy Crashing, the mastermind behind BBC’s Fleabag, or the mastermind behind Solo: A Star Wars Story’s L3-37. Either way, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a mastermind, and she’s got the dry wit and dark sensibility needed to successfully develop and produce a show like Killing Eve. Who else would think to dress Villanelle in a pink, ballerina-esque ball gown during her therapy session?


5. The Intrigue


The fact that Killing Eve managed to attract more viewers each week instead of losing them is a testament to its brilliant performances and tight writing. It was also renewed for a second season before the first episode of Season 1 even aired. The only way to find out what all the fuss is about is by actually watching the thing, which you can in just a few days when the series makes its Canadian debut on July 22 at 9e 6p on Bravo.


Check out one of the Season 1 trailers below.