Here’s What Happens When a Normal Human Attempts Spider-Man Status

During what seemed to be a normal Tuesday at our 299 Queen Street, a not-so-normal scene began to unwind (literally) just outside our downtown Toronto offices.

As the MTV, Much and Space teams went about their business—writing witty blogs and producing video for the web—a man sporting the classic Spider-Man jumpsuit was spotted climbing atop a section of sidewalk scaffolding as if it were his own personal jungle gym. It didn’t take the spidey-impersonator long to notice us peering through the window (spidey sense?) and that’s when the awkward posing and Insta-spidey-gram shoot began.

Quick to tire from fake-spidey’s moves, we were back at our desks flooding our Instagram accounts with proof of his appearance. But it didn’t end there… Like Marvel’s actual Spider-man, fake-spidey came to impress the people. The man in the suit carried a spool of thread which he used to spin an actual web! Actually! Leave it to “Spider-man” to deliver another photo worthy moment even the Daily Bugle couldn’t resist capturing.

Not what you would expect to see on a Tuesday afternoon, but not a total shocker either—this is Toronto after all. In the end, fake-spidey was confronted by Toronto Police and the web came down—but not before we captured every moment of his greatness with our smartphones!

Watch Toronto’s resident Spidey unravel in our staff photos below and keep a lookout for your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man the next time you find yourself in downtown Toronto.

When man becomes spider:

Spider-Man takes Toronto


He contemplates his next move: 

Just an average day downtown #spidermantoronto #spiderman A photo posted by alberto (@bear08) on


A crime presents itself. A web is cast:

Dude getting questioned by police AS SPIDER-MAN LURKS BEHIND NONCHALANTLY. Welcome to #Toronto

A photo posted by Natalia Buia (@itsbooyeah) on


But what fun is making a web without the theme music to go with it:

Spider-man this is entertaining

A video posted by Jim F (@fairbroski) on

Sadly, all good things must come to an end:

Spider-Caught-by-the-Man. A photo posted by wwkuwl (@wwkuwl) on

What do you think of Toronto’s Spider-Man? Super-Hero or Super-Zero?