Henry Cavill Has A Bold Casting Idea For The Next James Bond: Himself


In a recent conversation with Yahoo Movies UK, Henry Cavill boldly suggested that he might be the actor to take over for Daniel Craig when he completes his run as 007. “I think Bond would be a really fun role,” he said. “It’s British, it’s cool. I think that now that I have my Mission: Impossible badge we can do real stunts and really amp it up as well. Not to say they weren’t doing real stunts, I’m just saying it would be fun for me to actually take what I’ve learnt on this and carry it through to a movie like Bond. I’d love to play a Brit. I don’t get to play a Brit very often. So yes, I would love the opportunity and if they were to ask I would say ‘yes.’”

Unfortunately for Cavill, (a) actors rarely get to cast themselves in iconic roles and (b) we all know/suspect/hope Bond 26 will re-team up Christopher Nolan with frequent collaborator Tom Hardy. But if that doesn’t come to pass, Cavill believes he has learned the lessons necessary to reach new heights, thanks to his Mission: Impossible–Fallout co-star Tom Cruise.

He set a really good example and high bar,” Cavill explained. “I like high bars, but seeing him fly a helicopter… the helicopter sequence at the end of the movie shows how good he is, but at the same time, you don’t get quite the same concept of what it was like for me sitting there in a helicopter, flying through a canyon maybe one and a half of this hotel room, that narrow, granite rock faces on either side and we are flying through them and chasing each other. I’m sitting here for the ride thinking, ‘It’s cool, I might die,’ but he’s actually flying the darn thing while performing to the camera at the same time.”

Mission: Impossible–Fallout arrives in theatres tomorrow night. Check out the trailer below.