New Hellboy Featurette Braces Fans For ‘A Big Hellboy World’


Nearly two years have passed since the new Hellboy movie was announced, but there’s still a lingering sense of betrayal in the fact that creator Mike Mignola elected to make a new movie without director Guillermo del Toro or star Ron Perlman. In the new featurette Bringing the Hellboy Comics to Life, Mignola gives us a strong hint as to why he was willing to embrace the new team of director Neil Marshall (The Descent) and star David Harbour (Stranger Things).

Mignola was particularly happy to see a single Hellboy comic (The Wild Hunt) get its own faithful adaptation. “It’s so exciting when you hear somebody’s going to make a movie close to my material,” he explains. “This film in particular, there are so many moments directly from the comic. The focus is one story, but bringing in enough elements that you get a look at a big Hellboy world.”

As for Harbour, he’s a devoted fan who would be thrilled to participate in any Hellboy movie. “I’ve sort of got to pinch myself,” he says. “I can’t believe it. He’s unlike any other superhero. I knew the comics very well and I love this real dark, foreboding horror world with these big cathedrals, epic King Arthur tombs, and this gothic world of monsters.”

Hellboy arrives in theatres on April 12. Check out the new featurette above and the trailer below.