Ian McShane Says Hellboy Is Going To ‘Surprise A Lot Of People’


For devoted fans of the Hellboy movie franchise, it wasn’t easy seeing director Guillermo del Toro or star Ron Perlman leave the series. But after failing to make a new instalment for over a decade, their departure was inevitable. There are also several reasons to be excited about the reboot, including director Neil Marshall, star David Harbour, and co-star Ian McShane, who will take over the role of Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. In a recent interview with The New York Times, McShane made his enthusiasm for the project clear.

“I think that’s going to surprise a lot of people,” he said. “David is a marvellous actor. He just fills out the role. It was nice and bittersweet taking over from a dear old friend of mine, John Hurt, but it’s not part three. It’s a complete reboot of Hellboy, and I think they picked the right guy in David.”

In addition to his praise for David Harbour and the film as a whole, McShane expressed enthusiasm about the travel opportunities built into the shoot—and the ongoing curiosity of his grandchildren. “It was a pleasure to… be in Bulgaria for three weeks, a country I’ve never been to before. Greatest fresh vegetables I’ve ever tasted. And the scripts are funny and smart and bright, and the action is fantastic, and I have grandkids who love all that. They can’t wait.”

Hellboy arrives in theatres on April 12. Check out the trailer below.