Harry Potter Is Getting Its Own TV Channel, And So Should These 10 Movie Franchises

Aren’t movie marathons on TV just the best thing ever? Every time ABC Family decides that they’re going to air every Harry Potter movie in a row, it totally makes your weekend—or completely ruins it if you had a lot of plans and end up canceling all of them to watch. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for having more Hermione Granger in your life again, right?

Clearly Sky Movies in the UK had the same thought, because they recently announced their intentions to create a channel that will air nothing but Harry Potter movies over and over again. The channel is in honor of the first film’s 15th anniversary, and will also air documentaries, behind-the-scenes specials, and interviews with Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Hogwarts crew.

Sadly it’s not a permanent fixture for UK residents—it will only run for 9 days starting on October 24, and then it goes back to being the non-Harry Potter themed “Sky Movie Greats.” But we love the idea of a dedicated channel devoted to our favorite movie fandoms, so much so that we think somebody should do that here. And there’s a lot of different movies to chose from:



If there’s one thing we’ve learned this week in the wake of the reimagined Twilight: Life and Death, it’s that the fandom is still going strong. You could totally make a channel full of nothing but Edward and Bella staring longingly at each other, and people would tune in.

Fast and Furious


Obviously the name of this channel would be Family Reunion, and all the commercials would be for sports cars and Coronas.

Friday The 13th


Nothing like a good slasher flick, and the Friday The 13th franchise has 12 of them. Plus, remember when Jared Padalecki was in the reboot? Good times.

Star Wars


Disney does have to prepare nerds everywhere for The Force Awakens premiere later this year. What better way to do it then by making it possible to watch all the earlier movies non-stop?

The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit


Learn the entire history of the One Ring in an easy 20ish hours! Hey, it’s faster than reading all the books.

James Bond


Seriously, there are so many Bond movies that you could go upwards of two days without repeating a film—and that’s not counting commercial time.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe


All the fun of those 29 hour Marvel movie marathons that theaters all over the country hosted for Age of Ultron, except you can walk away to take a shower or a nap anytime you want—and you won’t have to sit through a 3am showing of Thor with a bunch of strangers.

Star Trek


Sure, the ratings would drop once ever two hours (it’s a well known joke that every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is trash), but it would be well worth it to have a place to watch every version of the Enterprise on a constant stream.



This would be the ultimate, most amazing movie channel of all, because almost every Batman movie has a wildly different tone from the rest of them. You could turn on the channel early in the day and see Adam West trying to get rid of a comically large bomb, and then you could tune back in later to see Heath Ledger blowing up a hospital. There’s something for everybody!

Hunger Games


I feel like the Capitol probably has a separate channel devoted to The Hunger Games, so why don’t we? Not that you should aspire to be like the citizens of the Capitol, of course… but while we’re on the subject, their fashion sense is pretty great.