Harry Potter Fans Are Trying To Free Dobby At The WB London Studio Tour

Harry Potter


Dobby is free (again)!

We can always count on our fellow Harry Potter fans to do things that will (1) give us flaily arms as we shout “accio accio!” at whatever masterpiece they’ve created, like these oh-so-enchanting CAKES, and/or (2) swell our hearts with their gut-wrenching creativity and Maurauder’s Map-ish ability to locate our feel spots again and again.

The latest bit of amazingness from the Potterphile community is this: Harry Potter fans are bringing socks to the Dobby exhibit at WB’s Studio Tour in London to donate to his freedom.

You might recall that Dobby—who started out as the mischievous house elf of the Malfoy fam who made an inexplicable ruckus at the Dursley’s and then wound up being one of Harry Potter’s most loyal sidekicks to the very end—could only be freed if his master, Lucius Malfoy, were to give him an article of clothing.

And it was Harry who tricked Mr. Malfoy into giving Dobby a sock by placing it inside Tom Riddle’s ruined diary in Chamber of Secrets.

So, as a tribute to the fallen-but-free creature, fans have bringing their own offerings to the monument in London.

And it’s not just the London site that’s housing some adorable elf love, either. This fan saw an opportunity to donate an article of symbolic footwear to the Dobby display in Paris, too.

Dobby has no master. But he does have a lot of friends. And now we’ve got something in our eyes.