Watch Harry Potter Grow Up In This Boyhood-Inspired Supercut

This 80-minute supercut of all the Harry Potter films made by fan Tim Stiefler gives us all a chance to watch our favourite wizards grow up right before our eyes. It’s a great intro to the Potterverse for people that somehow still haven’t seen the movies, and it looks a lot like Richard Linklater’s Oscar-winning film Boyhood. 

If you have just under an hour and a half to spare, you can watch Harry, Ron, and Hermione grow older and battle it out against Voldemort in a time frame that is still shorter than any of the actual Potter films. Wizardhood doesn’t gloss over important moments, like the Harry’s first time flying with a broomstick, the Yule Ball, Dumbledore’s death and of course, Voldemort’s defeat.

For fans of Harry Potter, the supercut is a trip down memory lane—watch him come of age just like Mason did in Boyhood. 

We love the fans for keeping the magic alive, because Fantastic Beasts just isn’t enough!

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