A Swell Husband Threw His Wife A Magical Harry Potter-Themed Birthday

Every Harry Potter fan dreams about a reality wherein they are able to step into the world of Hogwarts. Superfan Amanda Kundert saw that fantasy come to life this year on her birthday thanks to the imagination and hard work of her very considerate husband, Corey.

Amanda, who told BuzzFeed News that she was a relatively new fan, was thrilled when Corey picked her up from work on her birthday and took her to a coffee shop, where he gave her an Elder Wand that he had made.

Amanda was of course thrilled by this sweet gesture. When the couple headed home, Amanda assumed that they’d be spending the rest of the night watching Harry Potter movies, which Corey had also gifted her with. When they arrived home, though, it became clear that Corey had cast a spell on the entire apartment. (Her birthday was back in March, but Amanda recently posted photos of the party on Imgur.)

First, their front door was Platform 9 3/4


Then, there were Sirius Black-style “Wanted” posters of Amanda everywhere


Then a freaking Hedwig balloon brought her letters


They each had adorable Harry Potter-themed pick-up lines on them


Truthfully, this Veritaserum potion and broomsticks setup is too cute


You guys, he made a Mandrake cake


We’d be losing it, too


Perhaps the most impressive part of this operation is the fact that Corey has never even read the Harry Potter books. He just researched the elements he had heard Amanda talking so much about. Gah! It’s easy to see why these two have been together since they started dating at age 18.