Is Harley Quinn Working With The Joker In Suicide Squad?

Harley Quinn loves her Puddin’—maybe a little too much. Harley and The Joker’s tumultuous (read: abusive) history has been well-documented on the internet, but how will David Ayer’s Suicide Squad portray their relationship? In this newly released Harley-centric promo it looks like Mistah J might be one bad habit she can’t quite seem to kick. (Though, she does kick some serious ass.)

Why is Harley texting The Joker on the DL if she’s working with Task Force X? We don’t want to believe that Harley would betray her squad like that, but at the same time, she is one of the bad guys—and bad guys can be unpredictable.

Of course just because Harley receives a text from her ex-lover doesn’t mean she’s working with him. In fact, it seems more realistic that she’d double-cross him for the sake of her team. After all, according to Amanda Waller, they need to complete their mission—because if they don’t, they’re (literally) dead meat.