Gamers Are Gonna Love The First Trailer For Hardcore Henry

You’d have to literally be blind to not notice the decreasing gap between cinema and video games. During last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the distinction between the two mediums was pretty much eviscerated when Ilya Naishuller’s first-person actioner, Hardcore (in case you skipped the headline, it now goes by Hardcore Henry), saw its world premiere, where it subsequently took home the Midnight Madness People’s Choice Award. Hardcore’s dizzying technical feat was one of the freshest things we saw at the fest, which we made clear in our enthusiastic review.

What’s so impressive about Hardcore Henry? For starters, it’s the first feature-length movie shot almost entirely with GoPro cameras—strapped to the film’s titular lead, who’s most definitely a professional stuntman in real life. As you’d expect, everything’s seen through Henry’s POV, which pretty much feels like you’re watching a live-action first-person shooter. While some would argue it’s more fun to actually play this kind of adventure, Hardcore Henry’s relentlessly ambitious action and astonishingly large body count isn’t quite like anything you’ve played before.

The film follows its title character (basically you) as he’s suddenly brought back to life as a mute, amnesiac cyborg. Moments later, a telekinetic villain crashes the party, kidnaps Henry/your wife, and a manic 24-hour chase across Moscow ensues. While the plot isn’t that much deeper than your average Halo (okay, maybe Metal Gear), it manages to inject clever dark humour and a memorable performance from director Neil Blompkam’s acting muse Sharlto Copley. Action aside, Copley’s musical number is worth the ticket price alone.

Hardcore Henry is out April 8. Check out the trailer and poster below. In fairness, it took my eyeballs roughly 15 minutes to adjust to the film’s unique visuals that are guaranteed to make you queasy if you’re sitting in the front row like I was.