Happy Birthday, Superman!

Today marks a day that only comes around every four years–but, more importantly, it’s also Superman’s birthday. While hardcore comic book fans know Superman’s geeky alter-ego Clark Kent’s birthday takes place on June 18, Supes’ real-deal birthday occurs February 29, and for a very special reason.

Having Superman’s birthday on a leap year wraps certain real-world logic around why the man of steel appears to never age, considering he has to wait every four years to age up. Canonically, it’s explained as Kryptonian years being much longer than our measly Earth years. It’s not quite certain how many candles will be on the big man’s cake in 2016, but it’s generally believed the iconic superhero is in his late 20’s. But who’s counting?


To celebrate, throw on your Superman Snuggie and read some All Star Superman. Or just watch that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer for the 17th time in anticipation of the film’s March 25 premiere.