Happy First Birthday, Amiibo!

It’s been a whole whopping year since Nintendo’s first wave of amiibo hit store shelves and everyone started freaking out over how rare some of these little guys turned out to be. Anyone could walk into a store and grab a Mario or Donkey Dong, but if you wanted Animal Crossing’s Villager, Fire Emblem’s Marth, or Wii Fit’s Trainer, exorbitant online auctions were often the only place to shop. And don’t even get me started on that defective double-cannon Samus amiibo that sold for $2,500 on eBay.


Still, there’s something really amazing about how popular these figures have consistently been, and it really speaks to the everlasting power of Nintendo. It’s also oddly fun how collecting rarer ones has turned into something of a competitive treasure hunt for hardcore collectors.

If you’re thinking of getting into the amiibo game now—welcome! Also, here some noteworthy stats you might want to know:

In Canada alone, more than one million amiibo have been sold since last year’s November 21 launch


The top five best-selling amiibo in Canada are Link, Mario, Pikachu, Animal Crossing six-pack amiibo cards, and Zelda


amiibo has 36 per cent dollar share of toys-to-life in Canada in the past 12 months (leading neck-and-neck with Skylanders)


Worldwide as of October 29, 21.1 million amiibo have been sold, along with 8.6 million amiibo cards from the Animal Crossing series


Not a stat, but if you could grab me a Mega Man, Ness or Little Mac amiibo for Hanukkah, that would be supoib! amiibo5

So here’s to another bunch of years of adorable, addicting, and downright awesome amiibo!