Halloween Trailer: Michael Myers Is Back, But He’s Not Laurie Strode’s Brother


When news broke that director David Gordon Green was directing the first new Halloween movie in almost a decade, horror fans were divided and confused. If you know Green for his haywire comic movies (Pineapple Express, Your Highness, The Sitter) and TV shows (Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals) he seems like a terrible choice, but true fans know that Green’s best work (All the Real Girls, Undertow, Joe) lies in a more unsettling, dramatic realm that occasionally borders on horror. This is the sensibility that comes through most clearly in the new trailer for Halloween, which arms grandmother Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) with all kinds of weapons—and an insatiable appetite for vengeance.

While it’s worth keeping in mind that Green and co-writer Danny McBride definitely aim to please longtime fans and that franchise co-creator John Carpenter has been involved every step of the way, the trailer offers at least one alarming update to Halloween lore: according to one grouchy character, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode aren’t really siblings. While it would be tempting to dismiss this as the rumour-mongering of an unreliable character, McBride recently confirmed that this is an intentional (and very provocative) update.

“I was pushing for that removal right off the bat,” McBride said. “I just felt like that was an area where he wasn’t quite as scary anymore. It seemed too personalized. I wasn’t as afraid of Michael Myers anymore because I’m not his f*cking brother, so he’s not coming after me. And also, you’ve seen it, so wouldn’t it be interesting just to see what would happen if it wasn’t that? And what does that open up for us, if it was this random killing that has affected this character? So it just seemed like new territory to bite off. Maybe we’ll look back and say, ‘It was such a mistake not to make them siblings,’ but I don’t know. It seemed, as opposed to just duplicating, it would be cool to see if it gives us anything else.”

Halloween slashes its way into theatres on October 19.