Pineapple Express’ David Gordon Green And Danny McBride Are Rebooting Halloween

Horror fans can look forward to one big franchise coming back thanks to the help of Danny McBride and Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green.

The longtime collaborators have joined the creative team for the reboot of Halloween, John Carpenter’s classic 1978 horror film. Carpenter, who will executive produce the reboot, announced the news on his Facebook page yesterday, confirming that the new Halloween will be released in 2018 and that Green will direct from his script, which was co-written by McBride and is one that Carpenter said “blew [him] away.”

But this isn’t the first time Green and McBride have worked together. Besides Pineapple Express and many other films, Green directed episodes of HBO’s Eastbound & Down, which starred McBride. Green and McBride also executive produced the show together.

Green commented on the news in a statement saying, “John Carpenter’s Halloween was a monumental horror film experience for me and millions of film fans. It’s an honour to be working with this creative team to carve a new path in the tale of Michael Myers.”

1978’s Halloween was the world’s first look at the homicidal Michael Myers—a masked, knife-slashing serial killer, who after murdering his sister and after escaping prison, returns to his home town in search of his next victims. The original film led to seven sequels including the 2007 remake which also earned its own sequel.

Horror is a genre that neither Green nor McBride have much experience in, but if legendary filmmaker John Carpenter trusts them for the job, we do too.

The Halloween reboot will slash into theatres October 19, 2018.