A Major Fashion Label Set Their Latest Ad In The Star Trek Universe And It’s Awesome


Star Trek is so hot right now. So much so that even the fashion industry (whose representatives you almost never see at Comic-Con) are getting in on the trend. A new Fall/Winter 2017 campaign from Italian fashion house, Gucci puts Star Trek and other classic sci-fi references (like Creature From The Black Lagoon and Forbidden Planet) front and centre in the best fashion video you’ve seen since a bored Margaret Qualley shot lasers out of her fingertips and smashed through a giant eyeball in Kenzo’s Spike Jonze-directed perfume spot.

Check out the ’50s and ’60s-inspired clip below if you’re into stop motion animated space dinosaurs, UFOs that look like they’re made of liquid mercury, giant alien kittens, and out-of-this-world haircuts. Oh yeah, there’s some clothes in there, too—if you care about that kind of thing.