No Joke: Listen To The New Guardians Vol. 2 Soundtrack Through A Bag Of Doritos

Toss your Beats in the trash, the freshest news tunes aren’t from Dre, they’re from Doritos. That’s right, those crunchy corn chips that stain your fingers, teeth, and the front of your sweatshirt orange are the platform on which you’ll be able to hear the soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2.

Of course, the chips themselves won’t play the tracks to Awesome Mix Vol 2. That would be ridiculous. The bag will play them. Duh.

The limited edition Doritos will go on sale this Friday on (collectors: sign up for your Prime membership now—and pray that Amazon won’t do that weird thing where they won’t ship a seemingly random selection of items to Canada). The chip bags will be outfitted with a jack for your headphones (so maybe hang on to those after all) and a some kind of mechanism for recharging the, uh, chip bag. Let’s all agree not to eat these ones in the bath, okay?

Awesome Mix Vol 2 includes tracks from Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Cheap Trick, Cat Stevens, Sam Cooke, George Harrison, and more—by ‘more’ we mean The Sneepers featuring the vocal stylings of David Hasselhoff belting out ‘Guardians Inferno’, incase you were wondering.

The Mix is already available to listen to online courtesy of Spotify… but let’s get real—if you really wanna feel the music, the only way to listen is through a Doritos bag.