The Rightly Hyped Green Room Has A Scary New Trailer

As most horror fans will tell you, one of the genre’s most terrifying traditions is hype. With promising new movies premiering on the festival circuit all year long, journalists have way too many opportunities to exaggerate triumphs, creating a false sense of hope for those craving a rare taste of high-grade horror. With that in mind, you might be skeptical of the hype surrounding Green Room—but you shouldn’t be. Coming off the 2013 indie success Blue Ruin, writer-director Jeremy Saulnier has many eyes on him, and his new film earns every bit of that attention.

Green Room (read our TIFF review here) follows a struggling punk band that stumbles into a gig at a white supremacist hangout. Spooked to the max, they can’t wait to pack up their things and hit the road. Unfortunately, band member Pat (Anton Yelchin) forgets his phone, heads back to retrieve it…


…and stumbles upon an extremely incriminating sight.


As a result, Pat and his bandmates find themselves locked up in the title holding area, while the skinheads scramble to come up with a plan. Of course, everything escalates, forcing these musicians to endure a grueling variety of threats, including:







Hand-to-hand combat


And Captain Picard


Green Room finally arrives in theatres on April 15th, nearly a full year after its 2015 Cannes premiere. To tide yourself over just a little bit longer, watch the new trailer below.