Here’s Your First Look At Gotham’s Resurrected Jerome

Although CTV’s Gotham doesn’t currently include the traditional Joker character, the show has definitely dabbled around the iconic character. Jerome, who was suddenly killed off at the end of Season 2, was considered Joker’s “spiritual brother” or early counterpart, of sorts.

Yet the sudden choice to kill him off seemed to leave a gap in DC Comics’ set structure of Batman villains. Gotham fans were left disappointed and confused as to why a Joker character foil—seemingly the most important arch nemesis in DC Comic history—would be axed from the show. But it eventually became clear that the character would in fact be resurrected. After all, it did work for Fish Mooney, so maybe the odds are in Jerome’s favour.

A new trailer was released for the anticipated mid-season premiere of the third season and features a first look at the even bolder and harsher, fresh from the dead Jerome character. But I guess dying and coming back to life would make anyone a little bitter.

As for whether Jerome is actually Gotham’s young Joker has yet to be confirmed. With the evidence so far, Jerome may just be an inspiration for an as-yet-unseen figure who will go on to become the real Joker–with his televised death in Season 2 causing sudden maniacal laughter among some of the viewing public. But with the third season already halfway done, it’s unlikely that the show will keep the Batman universe’s most infamous villain up its sleeve for much longer.

Whether he’s the Joker or not, it will be interesting to see what role the new Jerome will play in Gotham’s overall narrative after having been absent from it for an entire year. Bruce Wayne has been coming closer to his destiny as Batman and going up against an undead Jerome may be the next step he must take in order to become the Dark Night.

Gotham returns for the remainder of its third season tonight on CTV at 8pm ET.