Do These Fiery Game Of Thrones Set Pics Confirm Jon Snow Is Dead?



Look, fellow Game of Thrones fans—even though I’m firmly of the belief that Jon Snow will return from the dead come season six, it’s probably time to accept the fact that we really won’t know for sure until the show returns next spring.

Yes, Kit Harington himself has been spotted lurking around the show’s Belfast set, but as many fans have speculated, this could be to film his own funeral… and unfortunately, some photos of a burning Castle Black (courtesy of Watchers on the Wall) make this undesirable scenario seem pretty likely:

Fans on Twitter have—of course—been reacting to these photos quite negatively, but here’s the thing: what is dead may never die, and it’s just as likely that one of these other, far more likely scenarios might be playing out at Castle Black:

1. Melisandre has lit a fire that will bring Jon Snow back to life.
2. It’s Jon’s funeral pyre, but R+L = J, and we all know that fire cannot kill a dragon.
3. It’s Olly’s funeral pyre, because Jon Snow has already risen from the dead and murdered the s–t out of him.

See? Doesn’t just thinking of these positive things make it all feel a little bit better? I believe this is what they call Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you guys.

But seriously, due to the watchful eyes of Belfast locals and Game of Thrones set-stalking paparazzi, we should have a pretty solid clue on Jon’s fate if Harington is still on set a month from now. This fire at the Wall might spell bad news, but let’s still hold on to hope that the show won’t abandon its most apocalyptic plot point after five long years of buildup. It is known.