This Goonies Fan Theory Points Out The Biggest Plot Hole In The Movie

With The Goonies turning 31 this year, you’d think we’ve already heard all the fan theories possible, and yet, you’d be mistaken.

Reddit user 87StickUpKid posed a theory that’s surprisingly receiving positive reaction from commenters, even though it’s moonlighting as a movie plot hole.

This person’s theory stems from the belief that in order to have built the wishing well (“It’s our time, it’s our time down here”), someone would’ve had to have known about the intricate tunnels underneath the city of Astoria, right? You can’t build something underground and not notice what’s right in front of you.

Furthermore, 87StickUpKid points out how the plumbing system underneath the school also contributes to this, because “whoever laid that pipe knew about the existence of the tunnels.” Again, it’s all right there. Someone would’ve known about it and gone exploring, because those tunnels certainly weren’t made by nature.

The Reddit user then states, “Since the Goonies lived in the Goon Docks, or the poor part of town, my theory is that at least the city’s wealthy elite knew about the treasure and kept that secret from the citizens of Astoria.”


Astoria’s “wealthy elite” basically means Mr. Perkins (Curt Hanson) and his bucket-enthusiast son, Troy (Steve Antin). When Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin)’s family (mainly, his dad and grandfather) and friends get a little too close to uncovering the truth, Mr. Perkins swoops in and won’t shut up about having Mr. Walsh (Keith Walker) sign the papers.

According to 87StickUpKid, this explains “why [Mr. Perkins] wanted to build condos and a golf course over the [Goonies’s] neighbourhood,” to deter anyone from unraveling the mystery that’s low-key plagued the town since the ’30s, after Chester Copperpot disappeared.

And since the Perkins family allegedly knew about the tunnels and treasure, 87StickUpKid believes that’s why Mr. Perkins didn’t seem too shocked when the pirate ship inadvertently sets sail in front of a ton of people.


After these observations, the Reddit user claimed, “You could argue that the town was founded by rich pirates, who probably killed One-Eyed Willy,” and later adds that “Troy and Troy’s dad are the descendants of the pirates who killed One-Eyed Willy.” The Perkins’s family secret about the famous pirate and his treasure was passed down from generation to generation, with all members aware the news must never get out. Yes, they’re rich, but suddenly showing up with jewels and gold coins would be difficult to explain, especially since they’d have to find someone who could convert their new-found riches into American dollars.

“But wait a second! If these rich folks knew about the tunnels and treasure, why didn’t they just go in and take it for themselves?,” you’re probably wondering.

87StickUpKid doesn’t exactly touch on this, but I personally think it’d be because they wouldn’t want to risk any of the “less elite” folks in Astoria getting wind there was free money lying around, money that would end up letting them keep their property. Mr. Perkins wanted to kick out all the people of his town he deemed unworthy, so he could install properties that would only make him richer.

So, there are three takeaways from this fan theory/plot hole combo

1. Someone would’ve known about the tunnels underneath Astoria after they installed modern plumbing.
2. Astoria’s rich folks kept the tunnels and treasure a secret from the poorer townspeople.
3. Troy Perkins and his dad are poop heads who come from a family of poop heads, dating back to One-Eyed Willy’s time.