‘Gone Girl’ Author Gillian Flynn Will Write Every Episode Of This New HBO Series


The long-awaited mystery thriller “Gone Girl” finally hits theaters this weekend, but a brand new project involving the film’s major players is racking up its own major buzz.

“Gone Girl” director David Fincher — who’s also the master behind flicks like “The Social Network,” “Fight Club,” and “Seven” — recently confirmed that he will be directing the entire first season of HBO’s upcoming series “Utopia.”  [You can check out the original Channel 4 series from which the HBO reboot is based, here!]

As if that news weren’t awesome enough, it has now been revealed that “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn is joining the project as a writer, and she’ll be penning every episode in the first season.

Flynn told Buzzfeed that after working with Fincher on “Gone Girl,” the decision to collaborate with him again was a no-brainer.

“I’d pretty much signed off on ‘Gone Girl,’ and I got the message from David — it was a text — ‘Hey, got this TV thing. It’ll take up the next year of your life. Are you in?’” Flynn said. “I was like, ‘of course I’m in. You don’t even have to tell me what it is. I’m in.’”

“Utopia” is slated to begin production in 2015, and the premise sounds just as gripping as “Gone Girl.” It’s a conspiracy thriller follows a group of people who find themselves in possession of the manuscript to a sequel of a cult graphic novel. The show is based on a UK series of the same name.

“Gone Girl” has received glowing reviews, so we can only imagine that recruiting its creative masterminds will make “Utopia” must-see television.