The 7 Space-iest Contenders At This Sunday’s Golden Globes

The first big ceremony of the 2017 awards season arrives this Sunday when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will pick their faves from both film and TV at the Golden Globes. It’s been a great year for sci-fi, superheroes, and other genre stuff which means that there are some big nominations for movies and shows that fit into those categories.

Here’s who we’ll be pulling for this weekend:


1. Deadpool for Best Picture, Comedy or Musical


Sure, the most pirated movie of the year was a big hit with fans and critics (though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War both outrank it in box office standings) but a Best Pic nod?! Even the most prescient prediction-makers didn’t see this nomination coming—could Deadpool win with the same sneak attack?


2. Ryan Reynolds for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical


Reynolds’ f-bomb dropping, Freddy-Krueger-faced anti-superhero (super anti-hero?) will go up against Colin Farrell in the delightfully weird (except for that whole brutal dog death thing) dystopian film, The Lobster. Other nominees in the category include Ryan Gosling for La La Land, Hugh Grant for Florence Foster Jenkins, and Jonah Hill for War Dogs.


3. Amy Adams for Best Actress, Drama


TBH, we’re a bit shocked that Denis Villeneuve’s near-perfect alien invasion movie, Arrival, didn’t get a Best Pic nod but we couldn’t be happier that Adams was recognized. You know what’s cool? Seeing a woman get to play a mom who’s not just a mom but also a super successful scientist and a scientist who’s not only a scientist but also has a family life. What we’re saying is, thanks for the occasional multifaceted role for women, Hollywood. More, please.


4. Hell Or High Water for Best Picture, Drama


Chris Pine seems to have used extreme suntanning and pure moustache-growing willpower to age ten years for his role in this little-hyped Western/heist movie that feels like it’s come out of nowhere. From Scottish director David Mackenzie and Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan, Hell or High Water pits Pine’s character (along with his brother, played by Ben Foster) against the law as they team up for a good cause: to rob a lot of banks in not a lot of time.


5. Lena Headey for Best Supporting Actress, Drama


Headey’s been nominated for three primetime Emmys in her role as the wicked queen of Westeros on Game of Thrones but this is her first Globes nod (even after season five’s epic walk of shame through King’s Landing and her riveting dealings with the High Sparrow). With just two seasons of jockeying for a seat on the Iron Throne left, it’d be awesome to see Headey win. But…


6. Two Best Acting noms for the women of Westworld


Thandie Newton is up against Headey in the same Best Supporting Actress category, and she totally stole the show during Westworld’s first season—which is saying something considering the calibre of acting talent she shared the screen with. Speaking of: Evan Rachel Wood is nominated for Best Actress. Winona Ryder is also in the running in that category for her awesome Stranger Things comeback.


7. Best TV Series, Drama


Genre fans can hardly lose here with nominations for Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Stranger Things all competing for the title.


Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, The 74th annual Golden Globes air this Sunday, January 8 on CTV. Tune in at 8e 5p to see who walks away a winner.