The Space-iest Moments From Today’s Golden Globe Nominations

On January 10 the  The Golden Globes will celebrate the best stuff we saw on screens big and small in 2015. Nominations were announced this morning and some of our favourite sci-fi and fantasy heavyweights made the list. Here’s who we’ll be rooting for next month when awards season kicks off:

In the Best Motion Picture, Drama category the kick-ass Mad Max reboot Fury Road snagged a nomination. The movie will duke it out with four other films, among them Room, based on the book by Canadian writer Emma Donoghue, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s gritty 19th century revenge epic The Revenant.


While the movie itself didn’t get any additional noms, Alicia Vikander (and her cool transparent torso) received a nod for her supporting actress role in the sci-fi noir Ex Machina.


It’s when we get to the Best Motion Picture, Comedy category that things get confusing. Sure, there are some funny one-liners in Ridley Scott’s The Martian. This, for example:


But as a whole, this is a movie about Matt Damon’s character struggling to survive on an uninhabited planet and the painful sacrifices his crew makes to bring him home safely. It’s about humanity at its best. It’s about what people can do when they put aside things like borders and politics in order to accomplish something great. Not naming names, but some of us cried (a lot) at the happy ending. So… comedy? Going up against the likes of Amy Schumer in Trainwreck and Melissa McCarthy in Spy? Confusing to say the least. And things get even more tangled when you consider that Scott will go up against Fury Road’s George Miller for Best Director.

Game of Thrones received its 3rd nomination in the Best TV Series, Drama category. We can’t really tell if Khaleesi is happy about it or not but we definitely are:

As for Orphan Black and the awesome Tatiana Maslany getting no love from the GGs this season, we’re as bummed as anyone else. Rachel (TATIANA MASLANY) But we are excited for Amy Schumer, who had the best reaction to being nominated for the first time:

For the full list of Golden Globes nominations, go here. And obviously check out the big event on January 10 at 8ET on CTV.