Godzilla Retreats From Transformers, Still Plans To Crush King Kong

Back in October, we reported that Godzilla 2 is scheduled for a 2018 release, with Godzilla vs. King Kong arriving two years later. Warner Bros. has now revised their plan for the former and confirmed a date for the latter. Godzilla 2 has been pushed back to March 22, 2019 and Godzilla vs. King Kong will take a bite out of the summer box office when it arrives 14 months later on May 29, 2020.


According to Deadline, this move was brought about by Godzilla’s one major phobia: Transformers. Rather than share a release date with the sixth movie in that series, Godzilla 2 has settled into the relative calm of March, probably in the hopes that it will match the giant grosses ($867 million worldwide) of Warner’s big March 2016 release, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As for the next film in the studio’s giant monster pipeline, Kong: Skull Island is still on the schedule for March 2017, but this movie is not without its issues. Just last month, artist Joe DeVito sued producers, claiming that they stole his ideas for the franchise from pitch meetings. “More than 80 years have passed since the public was introduced to Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong,” his complaint states, before explaining what distinguished his pitch. “Not one motion picture or television program has told the story of the iconic creature’s origin or his relationship to the mysterious island on which he was found.”


DeVito started working with the Cooper family in 1992 and, ten years later, he partnered with Lorenzo di Bonaventura to develop this into a television series. In 2014, he pitched the project to Kong: Skull Island producers Legendary, but they passed. DeVito’s project quickly fell apart and, before long, Kong: Skull Island arrived on Warner’s release schedule. Arguing that he is now owed no less than $3.5 million for his ideas, DeVito could delay the film’s release date or, more likely, walk away with a King Kong-sized bundle of cash.

If this all resolves smoothly, the giant monster destruction will continue on March 10, 2017 when Kong: Skull Island stomps into theatres.