New Ghostbusters Trailer Delivers More Ghosts, Less Laughs

When the first Ghostbusters trailer arrived, fans of the original had plenty of warning, but that didn’t stop them from being up in arms about the franchise’s radical new direction. Still reeling from the shock of that first trailer, Angry Video Game Nerd released a video yesterday, refusing to see or review the film.

While some of the fan resistance has been attributed to the new movie’s decision to substitute women for men, there’s also a general sense that (a) any remake would be sacrilege and (b) director Paul Feig is pushing the franchise in a carelessly broad direction.

If you’re still on the fence and/or willing to reconsider your opinion, a new trailer has arrived—and it might win you over. This trailer is guilty of the same excessive comic pandering (selfie sticks?) as the first one, but it also offers more scope and sci-fi spectacle. Fans of the original may have some legitimate grievances, but that’s been the case with just about every remake in Hollywood history.

Judge for yourself in the trailer below and/or catch Ghostbusters when it arrives in theatres on July 15.