Secret Ghostbusters Featurette Explores Those New Proton Packs

When the Ghostbusters trailer was unleashed yesterday, fans got answers to some of their most burning questions, but this quick glimpse also raised a few new questions. For one, how do those new proton packs work? If you’re desperate for answers, there’s good news: they’re already here. Remember that elaborate math equation in the trailer? Hiding in there somewhere was the url ( for a website hosting an informative new featurette all about proton packs. Director Paul Feig has made it clear that scientific credibility was a big priority in the making of Ghostbusters—and particle physicist Dr. James Maxwell is here to prove it.


A senior post-doctoral associate at the MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science, Dr. Maxwell has no interest in skimming the surface of this issue. For all we know, he’s just an actor with a really convincing script, but we’re sold on the film’s (arguably unnecessary) commitment to science. “The first thing that they asked me was how would a proton pack work with as few huge leaps of miraculous science as possible,” Dr. Maxwell explains. “Of course, I remember from the first Ghostbusters that they used a cyclotron. In a cyclotron, you have two electrodes and your particle starts in the middle and spirals outward gaining speed, so I think, ‘I’m going to use a synchotron.’”


If you have no idea what he’s talking about, he’s probably doing something right. From there, he talks about varying the magnetic field, superconducting, cryogen, liquid helium, and all kinds of other stuff we don’t understand. It may be more detail than you need, but if a real ghost outbreak ever takes place, you can rest easy knowing Dr. Maxwell’s on the case. For more, watch the featurette below.