The Ghost In The Shell Super Bowl Trailer Has Arrived

Whether you’re a fan or a critic of the upcoming Japanese manga series-turned-live-action film, Ghost in the Shell, its newest trailer is here. The trailer will air this weekend during Super Bowl LI, but you can watch it ahead of Sunday’s big game below.

The trailer is brief (after all, Super Bowl airtime is pricey), but the 30-second clip displays an iconic scene for those familiar with the original anime version. It depicts the nearly naked Major diving into combat action and her backstory is questioned, providing further hints to the film’s overall narrative.

Scarlett Johansson’s casting in the upcoming big screen adaptation has been met with heavy criticism over the past year. When the first photo of Johansson as human-cyborg character Major Motoko Kusanagi was released, a public conversation about whitewashing in Hollywood films started.

Ghost In The Shell takes place in a cyberpunk, futuristic-style fictional version of Hong Kong, but in an interview with Buzzfeed News, producer Steven Paul said the film is set in an “international world.” He was most likely referring to the film’s diverse cast, yet fans argue Ghost in the Shell’s Japanese origins are imperative to its narrative and is a uniquely Japanese story.

The story follows Public Security Section 9, a counter-cyberterrorist unit led by the badass cyborg hybrid, who battles to stop various criminals, terrorists and anti-robotics extremist from wreaking havoc on society.

While this new Ghost in the Machine probably seems all wrong to some fans, there is no denying that the film’s imagery does the original justice. It’s also totally badass. Ghost in the Shell hits theatres March 31. Check out the full trailer below.