Get A Bigger Television: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Is Coming to CTV

Legends of Tomorrow


1. Legends of Tomorrow

Move over superheroes and make room for a new legend. In Legends of Tomorrow, Doctor Who‘s Arthur Davill returns to his time-travelling roots to play diplomat, uniting DC’s greatest comic book legends (both the good and the not so good) to band together and prevent the terrible future he’s seen with his own I-can-time-travel-without-a-TARDIS eyes.

The cinematic new series will be a crossover show, featuring characters from The Flash and Arrow as well as other DC faves (even the ones you thought were dead). Look for Legends in early 2016.

2. Blind Spot

Tattoos turned into puzzle pieces. That’s the premise behind the new hour-long action/drama Blind Spot. When an FBI agent discovers his name inked on the back of a woman who has no memory of how it (and dozens of other tattoos) appeared on her skin, an intricate conspiracy begins to unravel—though serious tangles lie ahead. Starring Thor’s Jaimie Alexander (she played that badass Asgardian warrior Sif), the thriller draws the FBI into New York’s darkest underworlds as agents continue to probe the mystery behind the enigmatic Jane Doe and her unexplained tattoos.

3. Lucifer

What if Satan himself was the man pouring out shots behind the bar of your local watering hole? What if he investigated pop star’s homicides during his down time, all the while avoiding parental pressures to return to his hellish home? That’s the unlikely but awesome premise behind Lucifer, a show based on characters created by gifted author and Nebula winner Neil Gaiman and brought to life in comic books by Mike Carey.

Lucifer has already inspired a petition by an organization called One Million Moms, so you know it’s going to be good!