George R.R. Martin Returns From The Dead For Z Nation

Even before the debut of HBO’s Game of Thrones, novelist George R.R. Martin had a loyal following, but that show’s success has catapulted him to full-blown celebrity author status. Unlike most of his peers, he can now cameo as himself on a popular TV series and be recognized by most of the audience—even if he’s buried under several layers of zombie makeup.


Martin recently took a break from writing the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series… to promote the seventh. However, there’s no need to rush out to your favourite bookstore, as this novel (A Promise of Spring) is only available in the fictional world of Space’s Z Nation. During this Friday’s episode, Martin makes an appearance as a celebrity zombie captive, but it looks like he also finds time to sign some books. (Judging from the image below, he might even eat a few.)


So why did Martin agree to appear on this apocalyptic zombie series when he hasn’t even cameo-ed on his own show? He felt the need to ease the fears of Game of Thrones fans. “I just want to prove to my fans that even in the Zombie Apocalypse, the Song of Ice and Fire books will still come out,” he told Entertainment Weekly. For a closer look at zombie Martin, watch the episode when it premieres on Friday at 10e 7p on Space.