10 Prophecies We’ve Come Up With After Watching The New Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer

We don’t need George R.R. Martin’s next book to predict a free-flying Drogon, pissed off Cersei, and cold corpse in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, because it wouldn’t be Westeros without them.

Nevertheless, there were a number of clues in yesterday’s first full (and red band!) trailer for the upcoming season, hinting at a future for the Seven Kingdoms no one could’ve predicted. Without Martin’s latest book to guide our Thrones obsession, fans will go into season six as blind as Arya.

The truth is we can no longer be your know-it-all book-reading experts, but that’s not going to stop us from pretending we know it all. Here are 10 prophecies we’ve come up with after watching the new trailer.

1. It’s Time to Accept Jon Snow Is Dead


Fans have spent the last nine months searching for a loophole that could bring Jon Snow back to life, but it’s time to let go. We’re not saying he’s never coming back—anything is possible—but three shots of his lifeless body in the new trailer equals three strikes and he’s out… for now.

2. The Red Woman Knows Nothing


“The great victory I saw in the flames—all of it was a lie.” Her words, not ours. The Red Woman has been acting like a book reader know-it-all since the beginning, but there’s a lack of confidence in her voice that has us doubting her magic. So much for the theory of her bringing Jon Snow back.

3. Jorah Mormont: The Bear That Could


At the end of season five, Daenery’s dropped her ring before being taken by the Dothraki, and of course Jorah Mormont will be the one to find it—and likely her, too—in season six. Despite his advantage, he’s still friend zoned for life.

4. Does Daenerys Even Need to Be Rescued?


When a Khal dies, his wife is sent back to Vaes Dothrak (the only Dothraki City) to live out her days under the rule of Dosh Khaleen. Daenerys clearly ignored this ritual after Drogo’s death. Returning to the homeland could be all the horselords have planned for her this season. Also: notice she’s not in chains

5. Sansa Is Glowing


The Internet went into a frenzy when HBO released a still from season six featuring a dishevelled and possibly pregnant Sansa Stark. Now we’re seeing a well-groomed, practically glowing Lady of Winterfell. We’ll let the Internet take the reins on this one.

6. A Mountain of Violence


Cersei and her newly-improved Mountain are going to kick serious High Sparrow ass this season. Root for the High Sparrow all you want, but this is Game of Thrones and evil almost always wins.

7. Ironborn and Blessed


If the season six teaser photos led you to believe Sansa and Theon would be setting out on a long journey together, think again. The Ironborn will be looking to get back in on the action, and they’ll be enlisting Theon—or is it Reek?—to join them. Fans will finally get to see how the Ironborn run their ship.

8. The Ring of Fire


The trailer starts off with Jorah finding Daenerys’ ring in a field, but it looks like it will end up back on someone’s dainty finger this season. We can only hope the flames are telling us it’s Dany’s.

9. Watch Your Back


Season six marks the return of Bran Stark. And before you start freaking about the White Walker standing behind him, note that Bran is standing, too. It’s been awhile, but you may recall Bran’s inability to walk. This is likely a vision that will hopefully give us more of a backstory on these creatures beyond the wall.

10. Manners of Fighting


The trailer opens with a dead Jon Snow and ends with a dead Jon Snow, but don’t think there’s nothing left of him. He leaves behind one of the last Valyrian steel swords and one of the last living Direwolves. The trailer closes with Davos drawing the sword in the direction of Ghost, and you’re probably meant to think he’s going after the pup, but it will likely be the yard dogs that will bleed.

As you already know, season six of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO April 24.