Is Another Game Of Thrones Star Coming Back From The Dead?

Another day, another “dead” actor spotted on the set of Game of Thrones—though this time around, we’re pretty sure it’s for more of a flashback situation than a “back to life” sort of deal.

Sibel Kekelli, who played Tyrion’s traitorous paramour Shae, was spotted in Peñíscola, Spain—or as you know it, Meereen—on Monday (H/T to WatchersOnTheWall), along with Varys himself, Conleth Hill, and series producer David Benioff:

Now, of course it’s entirely possibly that Kekelli was merely on set visiting old friends, but according to the fan-slash-tweeter who saw her, she was also staying at the “exclusive cast hotel” in the Spanish town. Shae does not appear in George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series after her demise at Tyrion’s hand, but a flashback is entirely possible—especially since many fans are already speculating that flashbacks to Jon Snow’s birth, and very possibly Ned Stark and/or Littlefinger’s childhoods, are coming in season six.

Either way, equally important to Game of Thrones fans should be the other thing that was clearly visible in Meereen on Monday, which was a messy and obliterated set that heavily suggests that more hardship is coming to Daenerys’ former home.