Here’s The Real Deal Red Band Trailer For Game Of Thrones Season 6

Is Jon Snow really dead? Those are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the five most important words everyone’s been asking since the character was brutally gutted at the conclusion of Game of Thrones’ season five finale last June. Of course, fans of the show and book (also TV critics, because there will be zero media screeners to leak this time) will have to wait until April 24’s season six premiere to find out.

But that certainly hasn’t stopped HBO from tormenting us (you know we love it) with increasingly suggestive images and clips, and now things have officially come to a boiling point with the first full-on trailer for the forthcoming season. Why are you even reading this? Watch the damn thing below!

As you’ve now witnessed, the trailer begins with Jon Snow looking entirely dead, and then we hear a voice that says: “He’s gone.” Soon after, we see what appears to be his burial by the Night’s Watch, as Davos Seaworth grips Jon’s Valyrian steel sword.

Take that however you want.

As for the rest of the cast: the trailer also reacquaints us with a dishevelled Daenerys, Bran standing (standing!) dangerously close to a White Walker, Reek getting his head dunked like a tool, Arya showing off her creepy new eyeballs, a very worried Cersei confronting both Lancel and Jamie, and Tyrion restressing how terrifying this game truly is. Also loads of crazy, over-the-top action as Vincent McMorrow’s sufficiently haunting cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” plays in the background.

What a wicked game you play, HBO!