According To These New Posters, Heads Will Roll In Game Of Thrones Season 6

Well, these heads don’t exactly roll (though I’m sure some will), but are rather tactfully displayed, as in the show’s recent Hall of Faces teaser. I’m clearly reading too much into the symbolism behind the 16 posters HBO just released on Twitter and exclusively to Variety and IGN.

Said posters show the disembodied head of past and present Game of Thrones characters in the House of Black and White’s Hall of Faces, a location that displays the faces of the dead. But is everyone dead? This isn’t Lost, is it?

Logic is pretty much cast aside since the posters feature characters who are currently alive (Daenerys) and very dead (Oberyn). The only real head-scratcher is Jon Snow, who was fatally (so they say) stabbed at the end of last season’s finale. Of course, HBO wants to add fuel to the never-ending debate as to whether or not Jon Snow is alive, dead, undead, or another form… possibly a giant smoke monster? And what’s with all the dead people getting poster treatment? Are they all returning?

The reason for this intrigue is mainly because the show has finally caught up to the first five books and the sixth and seventh instalments are being written by George R.R. Martin probably as I type this sentence.

Not much else to report at this point. So let’s stare at this super convenient gif (thanks, EW) as we anxiously await the April 24 season premiere.

If you want something a little more static, check out 12 heads crammed into two posters.