14 ‘Oh Sh*t’ Moments From Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale

Warning: There are major spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter,” below.

The sixth season finale of Game of Thrones can be summed up in one word: epic. The extra-long episode was filled with plenty of murders, explosions, threats, and pain—which is all we ask for in a series, anyway.

Because we’re still not over all the shit that went down, check out the biggest moments that made you so glad you started watching this show in the first place.

1. When loras tyrell gave up his family name, resulting in lancel lannister carving the seven-pointed star on his forehead.


2. When a horde of children stabbed the shit out of Grand Maester Pycelle.


3. When a kid stabbed Lancel and he went down hard.


4. When Lancel was blown to smithereens


5. When the High Sparrow, Queen Margaery, Loras, and literally everyone else blew the hell up, too.


6. When Cersei Lannister let the mountain torture the screaming shame nun.


7. When King Tommen committed suicide.


8. When Sam discovered how humongous the library was.


9. When Davos seaworth ripped Melisandre a new one for murdering princess Shireen.


10. When Arya Stark fed Walder Frey his sons then slit his throat.


11. When we found out who Jon Snow’s true parents were.


12. When Lyanna Mormont rallied up all the men to support Jon as the King in the North.


13. When Cersei was crowned Queen in King’s Landing.


14. When Daenerys Targaryen brought a ridiculous amount of ships (and dragons) en route to the Iron Throne.