Game Of Thrones Fans Really Like Photoshopping Ramsay Bolton’s Face Onto Dog Food

Ding dong, the sadistic Game of Thrones villain who gets off on torturing people is—spoiler!!!—dead. FINALLY. Fans couldn’t be happier about Ramsay Bolton’s long-overdue demise at the hands of Sansa Stark.

Let’s do a quick recap, because Sunday night’s Ramsay storyline is just too damn satisfying. After losing the “Battle of the Bastards” and running away to Winterfell, he was repeatedly punched in the face. Then Sansa ordered his starving dogs to feast on their owner.

The internet hilariously reacted by photoshopping his face onto dog food not once, not twice, but TEN times. Sansa made sure he won’t be remembered in Westeros, but this is how we’ll remember him in real life.

Rest in peace pieces at the bottom of your hounds’s intestines, Ramsay.