Game Of Thrones Villain Iwan Rheon Will Lead Marvel’s Inhumans

After last year’s announcement that Marvel had scrapped their Inhumans film and an Inhumans television show was in the works instead, we finally have our first casting news.

Inhumans will explore the royal family of the ancestral home of the Inhumans—Attilan. The show will focus on the king, Black Bolt, whose abilities allows him to cause destruction with just his voice, forcing him to remain silent in order to shield his power from causing harm.

Iwan Rheon has been cast as one of the leads in the new series. Best known for his role as Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones, Rehon will play Maximus, the brother of Black Bolt. The genius inhuman is deeply devoted to the people of Attilan, though he longs to take the crown from his brother and assume his place on the thrown. Inhumans showrunner Scott Buck described Maximus as “likeable, charming, tragic and villainous all in the same moment, and I’m very excited to have someone of Iwan’s considerable talent.”

Rheon has already proved he is skilled at playing a despicable villain on Game of Thrones, so the character seems like a perfect fit for the British actor.

Fans of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. know the show has had multiple storylines focusing on Inhumans, but the The Hollywood Reporter revealed the new series will focus on entirely new characters and arcs. With Marvel’s continuously expanding television and film universe, news that the show will not be a spinoff seems to be part of the shift towards creating more standalone projects that don’t rely on their relationship to other entities within the universe.

Inhumans is set to have a special premiere this summer, with the first two episodes airing in select IMAX theatres for a two-week run in September. This will make it the first live-action show to debut in IMAX, with the rest of the season set to air as weekly instalments in the fall.