Your Favourite Game Of Thrones Theory Might Be True After All

Game of Thrones fans have been theorizing for years that the final battle between humanity and the Night King’s horde of wights would introduce a terrifying new threat to the Seven Kingdoms: the Ice Dragon.

In 1980, George R.R. Martin released a children’s book set in his Song of Ice and Fire universe called “The Ice Dragon.” The story of the ice dragon was derived from an old tale that Old Nan once told Jon Snow and the other Stark children of Winterfell. (Old Nan loved her dire bedtime stories.) However, we know by now that Old Nan’s stories are often prophetic in nature—like the time she waxed poetic about the Long Night, a time when the “sun hides for years and children are born and live and die, all in darkness”—so it’s entirely plausible that an ice dragon will appear in the final two seasons of Game of Thrones. And that ice dragon will probably be one of Daenerys’s three dragons, killed and then resurrected by the Night King to destroy that pesky Wall.

In fact, when asked if a “dragon White Walker” was possible on Game of Thrones at SXSW this year, showrunner David Benioff replied, “Maybe.” (Hey, that’s not a no!) So, technically, one of Daenerys’s dragons could, in fact, be turned into an ice dragon by the Night King. Could. Drogon would certainly be the most detrimental for humanity’s sake, so that leaves Rhaegal and Viserion to fall victim to the Night King’s powers. Sorry, boys.

Could you even imagine how epic a fight between an ice dragon and a fire dragon would be? It almost certainly falls in line with Kit Harington’s latest reveal that the final two seasons of Game of Thrones would be “much bigger in scale” and “break boundaries” with its CGI. Not to mention, an ice dragon would even the fight. (Three fire-breathing dragons against a horde of White Walkers is way too easy.)

Winter is coming—and so is a goddamn ice dragon. How exciting!