Here’s How Game Of Thrones Pulled Off Its Massive Dragon Attack

Game of Thrones set the record for setting people on fire during Sunday night’s explosive episode, “The Spoils of War.” This is not hyperbole. According to co-showrunner David Benioff, the fourth episode of the seventh season set more stuntmen on fire than have ever been simultaneously set on fire. How many, you ask? A whopping 20 stuntmen got lit from head to toe.

Of course all that record-setting led to one of the most epic attacks the HBO drama has ever staged, in which Daenerys, riding dragonback on Drogon, and her Dothraki army attacked the Lannister forces as they were heading back to King’s Landing from their recent victory at Highgarden. It took Dany and Drogon mere minutes to set the battlefield—and all those soldiers and bannermen—viciously ablaze.

The attack, officially dubbed the “loot train attack” by the crew, was a difficult challenge for the creative team behind Game of Thrones. It involved multiple departments (and drones!), from the stunt coordinators, who asked men to not only be OK with being set on fire but also to stand up on horses and shoot arrows, to the VFX team, who made it all look even more epic in post-production. It was the largest dragon attack the show has ever attempted. For example, there were over 80 shots of actress Emilia Clarke riding Drogon.

In a lengthy behind-the-scenes video released by HBO, the show’s creators and creative team talk about the dragon attack’s intricacies, its Mad Max inspiration, and (successfully) setting all those men on fire.