Donald Trump Actually Makes Sense In Westeros

Among all the rumours, leaked set pics, and mysterious trailers, Game of Thrones fans are used to being left confounded and full of questions—almost like listening to pretty much any speech Donald Trump has ever given. But Thanks to YouTuber and editor extraordinaire HuW Parkinson, it has all come together with hilarious clarity.

The outspoken candidate’s remarks have been spliced together with Game of Thrones footage, bringing a new—and surprisingly comprehensible—meaning to the nutty things he says.

What we thought were the paranoid rantings and ravings of an overzealous intimidator were simply the fair warnings and seasoned advice of a political figure. By piecing-together parts of Trump’s actual speeches with dramatic scenes from GoT, it’s clear his outlandish quotes are far better-suited for a world of fantasy.

In fairness, I think our friends in Westeros already have enough drama to worry about.

Season six of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO April 24.