Are You Shipping Brienne And Tormund On Game Of Thrones Yet?

The most recent episode of Game of Thrones was a roller coaster of emotions from start to finish. Jon reunited with Sansa, Theon reunited with Yara, Ramsay stabbed Osha in the neck, and Daenerys rained fire on the Dothraki patriarchy—but no moment was more important to the Game of Thrones ethos than the look Tormund Giantsbane gave Brienne of Tarth over aged meats at the dinner table in Castle Black.

Tormund’s got game.


Romance may have died in Westeros the moment Robb Stark watched his pregnant wife get ruthlessly stabbed in the stomach by Lame Lothar Frey, but thanks to Brienne and Tormund, we’re starting to feel things again. Love is a beautiful thing, dear readers. Not to mention, the amazing moment was made even better by Brienne’s total bewilderment and Dolorous Edd’s supreme discomfort.

But TBH, Edd probably shipped them from the beginning because Edd’s the kind of guy who just wants to see people happy. Edd is now the captain of this unlikely ship.


The sparks between Tormund and Brienne were so undeniable, fans immediately proclaimed Briemund (Torenne?) the best thing to ever happen to Game of Thrones. (Sorry, Daenerys. Your flame-resistant party trick is cool and all, but it’s no match for TRUE LOVE.)

At first, fans were impressed with Tormund’s smooth moves.

Ladies, watch out.

Who knew Tormund had that much game?

Tormund sits on the Iron Throne of Love, obviously.

It was love at first sight.

Hey, Brienne and Tormund do have a lot in common.

Tormund was a man on a mission. 

Brienne, girl, he can get you a hotel discount!!!

Then, the shipping started.

Give me fanfic IMMEDIATELY.


What happened after Tormund finished his meal?!

Even people who don’t understand shipping started to ship them.

That chemistry is undeniable.

Fans who were into non-canon pairings from the jump started to speak up.

OG Tormund/Brienne stans, rise up.

Who even cares about Daenerys or Jon anymore?

No one. That’s who.

We need more Briemund scenes?

NO, WE DEMAND IT. You owe us for all of that Sansa bullshit last season, Benioff and Weiss.